reordering lists

Martin Baxter martin at
Sun Feb 24 08:37:00 EST 2002

I don't need to do this right now, but I know that in due course I'm going
to need to arbitrarily reorder lines of a list field.
My idea of how to do this is to drag the lines to where I want them, which
is how I do it currently in hypercard, using windowscript ( - a type 2 xcmd
that isn't compatible with RR). In windowscript it's easy, you just set the
behaviour of a list field to drag, and the rest is automatic.
Clicking up/down buttons to move a selected line is OK I suppose for a
short list of a few items, but once there are 30-40 items in the list, I
feel it's inappropriate.

RR doesn't seem to have a built-in ability to do this, unless I missed it?

Are there other interface techniques I could consider?

Has anybody scripted drag-reordering of lists?

martin baxter

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