Drawing speed

Yates, Glen JAMES.G.YATES at saic.com
Fri Feb 22 11:29:01 EST 2002

Interesting little speed test, I get 102 ticks in MC on a 933MHz Pentium 3,
and 161 ticks on a 400MHz B&W G3 (with Retrospect running in the

Try running in thousands of colors instead of millions, and you should see a
good speed increase from your 265 ticks.

-Glen Yates

Jim Hurley wrote:

>I concede the difficulties in speedily running color vs. black and 
>white, and the improvement in the current release is much 
>appreciated. However there remains a considerable gap between MC/RR 
>and HC. For example, the following script draws concentric boxes of 
>ever decreasing size.

<<<code snippet removed>>>

>This script takes 265 ticks on average in RR and  30 ticks in HC on 
>cards of identical size. (I realize that this can be done more 
>efficiently with the rectangle tool and that a graphic would be 
>faster than an image. My  purpose was to measure the drag speed. ) 
>The discrepancy would be less in Windows.

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