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On 21/2/02 10:21 pm, Geoff Canyon <gcanyon at> wrote:

>> Is this official or just what users are finding temperamental?  If they are
>> deprecated then under what circumstances?  I may have to write one extremely
>> simple and 100% reliable piece of C code to test the state of the mouse
>> button for my code and compile it as an external, I think I'll call it
>> "themouse"!  After all, in the world of C it's quite straight forward, one
>> line I expect.
> That list was originally posted by Scott Raney. It doesn't get any more
> "official" than that.

Well, such posts do have a tendency to become official features ;-)  But it
is worth noting that an actual announcement from one of the Runtime staff
would be considered more official on this list, and no such announcement
regarding this set of features has been made.

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