Polling the mouse state

Jacqueline Landman Gay hyperact at mn.rr.com
Thu Feb 21 12:10:00 EST 2002

> At 4:37 AM +0000 2/21/02, Ian Summerfield wrote:

>> Using the mousemove is no good.   I want to suspect all the messages from
>> happening while I'm dragging a pin around on my timer plug.  With 
>> mousemove
>> I'm effectively dropping back to an "idle" state between each call,  I 
>> need
>> to stay in the handler,  to do that I'm back to checking myself whether 
>> the
>> mouse is still down or not.

Doesn't "grab" do what you want? I think it suspends other messages while 
the user is dragging and automatically exits when the user lets go of the 
mouse button.

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