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Mon Feb 18 16:05:01 EST 2002

on 2/17/02 3:46 PM, Shao Sean at shaosean at unitz.ca wrote:

> i've actually started work on one that looks like the Mac OS X file browser
> (the full look and everything).. Mac OS shouldn't be too hard, except for
> the fact it has like twenty different views and ways of doing things, so
> that could take a bit longer to code all the functionality..
Aloha, Sean:

actually, any look and feel would do...there are just certain types that
want it to "look" a certain way.. but...from a RAD/production tools point of
view it doesn't matter, functionality is *really* what we need.

Probably better to give you (and the list) a better view of exactly the
context. We have decided (for now) not to put "parts" of web pages and then
dynamically build pages with PHP or ASP.. cgi's on our sites... for lots of
reasons. But still we need to be able to have a "database" kind of situation
on the home server where source files are in a directory structure is an
exact mirror of the web site.

The concept would be that a field would have some kind of directory looking
function, like a Mac Window...or even like the little Windows Path "map"
where you could collapse or expand and select either the entire directory or
sub folders... and then pass that path information to a variable... then use
that as the parameter for a little engine that simply takes the files in
those directories and concatenates footers and headers and write them out as
HTML docs. 

Now there are other ways to tackle this...and the "paradigm" of a field that
emulates a dynamic directory interface is only one direction to go in... for
instance I could just install Rinaldi's getDir XCMD and return paths with
colons, replace those with slashes... but this only works on a Mac...

> lemme know if you still need this..

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