Discrete scrollbar settings

Jim Hurley jphurley at jps.net
Sun Feb 17 20:22:01 EST 2002

>on scrollbarDrag
>   set the thumbPos of me to (the thumbpos of me)
>end scrollbarDrag
>This sort of "snaps" to the proper thumbpositions, but it flickers as it's
>doing so. I'll keep hunting for a better solution, but it would be great if
>Rev had a "snapToPage" property (or equivalent) that would take the
>flickering away.

As W. C. Fields would say: "Pardon my redundancy."

Much simpler:

local temp

on scrollbarDrag
   set startValue  of me to 1
   set endvalue of me to 3
   put  the thumbposition of me into temp
   put round(temp) into temp
end scrollbarDrag

on mouseUp
   set the thumbposition of me to temp
end mouseUp
Jim Hurley

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