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>> No, I don't see, I think you don't understand what I mean: I use a
> scrollbar
>> in fact a scale. I want that only three positions are possible.
>> You see? Like a switch with the sound "clic-clic-clic" each time that a
>> position is passed.
>> So how is it possible
>>> Just drag the scrollbar "bigger" until the value appears under the
>>> scrollbar...
>> OK! I'm a little stupid! :=)
> I could not do it either... exactly, so this was my attempt.
> In the properties of the scrollbar, I set the Start Value to 1 and the End
> Value to 3.
> No matter what, the arrow that indicates thumbPosition did not "snap" to
> the absolute position of 1, 2, or 3.
> So I made a Plus and Minus button which contained this script
> on mouseUp
> if the name of me = "+" then
>      set the thumbPosition of sb "SB1" to (the thumbPosition of sb "SB1")
> +1
>   else
>      set the thumbPosition of sb "SB1" to (the thumbPosition of sb "SB1")
> -1
> end if
> end mouseUp
> That works, but not when dragging the actual arrow of the Scrollbar.
> ~Roger Eller  <roger.e.eller at>
So I'm not alone!
Thank you Roger for your answer.

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