Just bevore the review, and before I write idiocies

Fran=?ISO-8859-1?B?5w==?=ois Cuneo francois.cuneo at cuk.ch
Sun Feb 17 17:23:06 EST 2002

> At 6:09 PM +0100 2/17/02, François Cuneo wrote:
>> I try to find something in PDF, very big and complete. Exist it before I
>> write some idiocies?
> The RTFer stack can make this for you. It is not a product of RunRev; I
> created it because people were looking for printed documentation.
> It is available at <http://www.poetickat.com/revdocs/index.html>
> It will export the entire online documentation, to an RTF file you can open in
> Microsoft Word or AppleWorks. Note that it is 2800 pages long! Several people
> have pointed out that it doesn't have page numbers, so be aware of that.
> It can also export a single text file, or a set of a few thousand HTML files,
> complete with cross-referenced hyperlinks.
> If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact me directly.
> regards,
> Geoff
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Thank you! I will try this export.

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