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Sun Feb 17 12:59:01 EST 2002

Bonsoir François,

>> Try
>> on scrollbarDrag
>> put the thumbposition of me into fld "yourfld"
>> end scrollbarDrag
>> on 2/17/02 10:51 AM, François Cuneo at francois.cuneo at wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> I have to write tomorrow a press review about Revolution. It's a good
>>> product, but how is it possible to send the value of a scrollbar to a 
>>> field
>>> I have tested
>>> Put the value of scrollbar "myscrollbar" into cd fld "myfield"
>>> And it don't works.
>>> Thank you for your answer
>>> Friendly
>>> François
>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thank you!
> But now, I want to make only 3 positions (1, 2 and 3)
> I have tried 1 for increment on clicking Arrow
> And 1 for increment on clicking scollbar
> It works but only wiht clic (it's usual). But when we drag the scroll, 
> the
> position can be anywhere.

Don't panic ;-)

It is just the name "thumbposition" that is a bit misleading.

Although it sounds like that property describes the actual position of 
thumb in pixels, it IS in fact the "currently selected" value.

So the following lines are not necessary:

> I think that I may write "if thumbposition of me > 1.5, then th
> thumbposition of me is 2

> But is it something more simple?

See above.
> And what is the utility of the "show value"??? It showes nothing in 
> fact!

Just drag the scrollbar "bigger" until the value appears under the 

> Thank you again

You are welcome :-)

> Bye
> François

Au revoir

Klaus Major
k_major at

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