Just bevore the review, and before I write idiocies Š

Fran=?ISO-8859-1?B?5w==?=ois Cuneo francois.cuneo at cuk.ch
Sun Feb 17 12:12:01 EST 2002

It's me again!
As I have said before, I will put online a review about Revolution,
I have written with SuperCard, HyperCard and finally RealBasic.
All these products where good.
Revolution is Fantastic but for me, the documentation is not so good as the
product. The tutorials are very fine, but the big documentation is missing.
I try to find something in PDF, very big and complete. Exist it before I
write some idiocies?
Why is it impossible to find some interesting things by example about the
scrollbars in the documentation? Where can I find how works the "Script
Debug Mode?"
I know, the mailing list is useful for all that, but a good documentation
for a good product is good too.
Thank you for your answer.


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