deslecting the line tool

Mike Brown mike at
Sun Feb 17 10:39:01 EST 2002

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the suggestions.  I had already attempted most of the examples in
the Transcript Dictionary.  MouseWithin, MouseEnter, Send MouseUp... none of
these handlers work while the line tool is selected.  I just now tried again
and still am not having any luck.  I am looking for a behavior similar to
the Rev Tools palette.  I am also looking for any examples in the Rev


>> I have a question regarding the selection and deselection of the line too.
>> I have a button with this script:
>> on mouseup
>> set the tool to "line tool"
>> end mouseup
>> That sets my pointer to the line drawing tool, but I cant find a script or
>> method to switch back to a pointer or browse tool.  When I placed a script
>> in another button to set the pointer to the browse tool, it doesn't work.
>> The line tool just draws a dot or line on top of the button.  Any
>> recommendations?
> Another thought,  you can't click at the location of a card button with the
> paint tool selected, doing so would only draw a dot,  it's only the browse
> tool that could click a button.   So if you're trying to have a script or
> the use click a button to go back to the browse tool which the line tool is
> selected you simply can't.   If it's script then send mouseup instead of
> clicking the button. If you've fallen to an idle state letting the user do
> some free form painting and want them to change the tool back by clicking a
> button you could try having your browse tool button set the tool back to
> browse tool by using the mousewithin,  if you save the current tool, set to
> browse tool, then I think the user will be able to click the button,  if the
> button isn't clicked then a mouseleave could restore the saved tool.  OR you
> could just have some kind of idle handler set back to browse tool, or a
> delayed send do it before giving the user control.   Does this make sense?
> -i-
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