Active field borders and scrollbars

Yates, Glen JAMES.G.YATES at
Wed Feb 13 15:52:01 EST 2002

Try setting this property programatically like this:

set showfocusborder of field <insert_field_name_here> to false

do this in the preopencard perhaps, worked for me.

Note: This will only have an effect when using the Motif or Macintosh look
and feel, as in Windows focus borders are not drawn around text fields.

Glen Yates

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on 2/13/02 3:02 AM, yves COPPE at yvescoppe at wrote:

>> Hi again,
>> When I click in a field to type in it, it lites up a red border around it
>> along with starting the I-beam cursor. How do I prevent the 'active
>> from showing?
> don't check or uncheck "show focus border" in the properties palette
Thanks. I tried that, but it still showed up.

Best regards,
Ken N.

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