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On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 Rob Cozens <rcozens at> wrote:

> >HyperCard *is* faster at field get/set and reformatting.  It's just the
> >price you pay for breaking the 32K and color barriers.
> I can certainly understand that, Scott, and it brings up another question:
> With color built in,  is there any porential performance advantage in
> keeping a performance-sensitive stack b&w?  This may sound off-the-wall;
> but suppose David Vaughan's task handler needed a simple operator's
> interface where color wasn't essential...would such a stack gain any
> performance if left b&w?

No: all backing pixmaps are kept at the screen depth, so it doesn't
matter how many colors you use (except maybe in GIF or PNG files,
which will compress a little better the fewer colors you use).  This
is unlike HyperCard which keeps backing pixmaps in 1-bit depth,
reducing memory usage and in some cases improving performance, at the
expense of requiring hacks like AddColor to do anything in color and
being very limited in what you can do even with that.

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