Tips and the Rev site

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Tue Feb 12 08:15:01 EST 2002

Hello dear list,

I'd like to suggest perhaps there could be user contributions to the Tip 
of the Week on the Rev site, moderated and edited by the Rev team.  I 
*absolutely* love this list, very kind and helpful comments, always a 
friendly hand ready to help and also debate.

However when off the list, I'm always trawling for more Rev specific 
info and the poor ol' Rev site seems to lack any new and regular content 
(I'm usually checking to see if 1.1.b2 has arrived). Sadly between 
MetaCard, Rev and the old Hypercard sites, the only really good hot Rev 
info is on dis 'ere Rev list.  I know it is all *coming*...

I can guess how hard the Rev team is working on 1.1.1 b2 bbb-but perhaps 
a tip of the week could be worked on jointly and finally checked and 
tidied up by the Rev team.  Perhaps they could even suggest the 
topics??  Save having to rename 'Tip of the Week' to 'Tip of the month'.

Suggested tips:

	Working with the internet, sockets and communication in Rev
	Managing memory: When to Destroy Stack and Destroy Window

Is this all too ambitious?  I'm certainly no Rev genius, but I'd like to 
help in some small way.  Any ideas how we could all work on this?


Matt Denton

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