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Tue Feb 12 03:06:01 EST 2002

>I am still not completely sure I understand what you need, but how about
>this: use the insert script command to place the thumbnails stack in the
>backScripts, and install in it an openCard handler:
>   on openCard
>     if the owner of the target is "Stack I'm Working On"
>     then  go card (the short name of this card) of me
>     pass openCard
>   end openCard
>In this way, the myPrompt stack receives the openCard message; if the stack
>that received openCard is the one you have thumbnails for, the myPrompt
>stack automatically switches to the appropriate card. (For example, if you
>go to card "Foo" in the stack you're working on, the handler automatically
>switches the myPrompt stack to show card "Foo" in myPrompt as well.)
>I might not be answering the right question here so please say so if this
>is not the correct solution for you....

I have to go on each card of a substack "Stack I'm Working On" to 
make a lot of work and updates.
During this operation, I'd like to have a window above the "stack I'm 
working on" with a progression bar showing the progression of the 
repeat with x = 1 to the number of cds
  the startValue of the progression bar (scrollbar "myscroll") is 1
  the endvalue of the progression bar (scrollbar "myscroll") is the 
number of cds

during the loop, I must have something like :

set the thumbposition of scrollbar "myscroll" of stack "MyThumb" to x

But I cannot perform it. I thinck it is because I need a lock screen, 
lock messagesŠ to
1) accelerate the work
2) avoid the user seeing the different cds on the screen
I think that's therefor my thumb doesn't move ?

What or how ???

I could do it in HC with externals.
I'd like to implement something like that in my stacks.



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