menu item addition

Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at
Mon Feb 11 01:59:01 EST 2002

>>I just did this yesterday so.....
>Bob writes:
>1. create a menu btn with several items (includes menuPick switch 
>scripts) - no problem, can do
>I used a pull-down menu button.
>2. create new card  by copy/paste routine of a basic card of a 
>>particular stack - no problem, can do
>Rather than copy/paste, you might want to use "clone card xxx"
>then "Set the name of it to myNewCardName"
>**3. insert the name of the new card as a new item(after the initial 
items) to the menu of 1. above by script.
      Need help here .. . can't find an applicable Transscript ... 
must be able to do when standalone ..standalone will be of the 'save 
data' method.

>>It should work as it does in super-card.  "put return & myNewCardName after button "mybutton"
>you can then "sort lines of button myButton" if you want the menu alphabetical/numerical
>**4. add a menuPick switch script (to existing script) for the new 
item of 3. above.
     Need help here

You don't have to use menuPick switch, you can also use "put the selectedText of me into..."

On mouseUp
put the selectedText of me into whereGo
go to card whereGo
do funky things on card whereGO
end mouseUp

The above system does work fine on a Rev standalone.


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