How do I determine objects in a group?

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Sat Feb 9 03:51:01 EST 2002

on 2/8/02 2:04 PM, Zac Elston at zelston at wrote:

> I was hoping there was a slick way to determine this like writing a loop in
> the parent that allows me to bypass writing an action for my ..lets
> see..30,000 circles I will end up with.
Can you tell us, at least whenever you get ready to release the app, what on
earth you will do with 30,000 circles? Enquiring minds want to know...

In the meantime, I'd do what others say: write a handler for the group that
only allows hiliting (changing color) of one circle at a time. I think there
are several ways of doing it, though.

What I used to do in early HyperCard versions (which didn't support radio
button families) was put the number, or, in this case the image ID, of the
clicked image into a global variable, and just unhilite it (change the color
back) when you click the next image. Something like (untested):

on mouseUp
  global gImageID
  if gImageID is not empty then
    set the color of image gImageID to theNormalColor --the unhilited color
  end if
  set the color of me to theHiliteColor -- what it says
  put the ID of me into gImageID -- store the clicked image ID
  doMySuperHandler -- your action
end mousUp

Best regards,
Ken N.


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