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The "getProp" control stucture is tremendously useful; it allows you to trap
whenever a custom property has been set, and take action based on that.
Suppse you wanted to take action based on the value of essentialData? For
example, you wanted to run a handler called "DoIt" whenever essentialData
was set with a value of "Hello". This is where 'getProp' is very useful:

getProp essentialData pPropValue
  if pPropValue = "Hello" then
  end if
  pass essentialData   -- so the value of essentialData can be updated
end essentialData

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> 1. getProp control structure - Other than for implementing virtual
> properties, why would this structure ever be used?  I don't need to
> use it to access custom properties; I only have to refer to the
> custom property in a statement:
> put the essentialData of group "myGroup" into mydata
> Using a getProp structure seems like an unnecessary complication.
> 2. The open file command has an optional _for_ form (open file for
> update | read | write | append.)   I think I understand what each
> form does, but what is the default?  If I simply use "open file
> <filename>" does it open "for update" by default?
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