Graphics manipulation and RR

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Mon Feb 4 17:00:01 EST 2002

Hello RR list,

I'm still looking at ways to write chunkable graphics to the screen so I can
use my image files without always having to manually copy and paste stuff
out of other files.

There have been several suggestions, but I need to know more about how
graphics work in RR, and can't really tell how much of HC's techniques are

I prefer to make my final images in external paint programs specifically
designed to do filtering, special effects, etc. because that's what they're
for. I often edit whole screen images to include the button, field, borders,
etc., designs., but I often also want some onscreen animtion-type things to
happen with parts of them. These are the kinds of things I'm looking for.

Perhaps to Jeanne...Do you still have copies of your graphic manipulation
books which might be helpful? I'll look at your site later.

Thanks, best regards,
Ken N.

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