Saving colour info in a list field

Ian McKnight (MM) ianmck at
Thu Dec 19 03:12:00 EST 2002


I have a list field which is populated by approximately 30 names. I have
scripted the field to change the colour of the clicked text to red, using
forecolor, to show that that selection has been made.

My problem is that I want to re-populate the list with a different list,
restoring the 'old' list along with any colour changes at a later date.

I have noticed that when I put the contents of the list into a variable and
restore the variable -- the colour disappears. However when the variable is
re-populated a line at a time with different data, the colour information
stays with the line position.

Is there an easy way to do this, that is to store the colour data along with
the list? I looked at HTML in the dictionary but it seems to apply to whole
I know that I could put the lists into buttons and use checkmarks
to show past selections but I was hoping to a little more colourful.

Any suggestions, advice or references would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Ian McKnight

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