[Semi-OT] Another "They shoulda used Rev/MC" story :)

Ro Nagey ro.nagey at gte.net
Fri Dec 13 22:18:01 EST 2002

I have the barest of bones ones...I wouldn't call it a serious app by 
any means, just one of those projects to learn MC. If you want I could 
send it to you. I just moved it over to the Mac and I can debug it a 
bit over the weekend if I get time.


On Friday, December 13, 2002, at 03:49 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Here's what Macintouch calls "an interesting excuse for cancelling Mac
> software development" from Cerious Software:
>   It has been more difficult that you could ever know
>   to port ThumbsPlus to the Macintosh. Unlike Windows,
>   applications cause many problems on the Mac side.
>   For example Quicktime installations totally crash
>   ThumbsPlus so that the application doesn't even
>   launch. Also, the cross compiler applications don't
>   work any longer with new Mac versions. Any new
>   software install has the ability to take Thumbs to
>   its knees. Sorry we don't have better news.
>   We expect to be taking down all Mac info from the
>   pages in the next few weeks.
> <http://www.cerious.com/faq_pcq.shtml#PCQ_mac>
> If they were using Rev or MC they'd still be shipping on Mac, and their
> Windows effort would cost only a fraction to maintain and enhance.
> This got me thinking:  Do any of you have a Rev- or MC-based image 
> database
> program?
> I was tempted to throw one together and send it off to Ric Ford at
> Macintouch, but I have my hands full at the moment.
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