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I would tend to agree with you.  While I have no problem with the use of
these tools now, when I began using Rev I was somewhat confused about the
distinction.  For those new users who are still at a loss in this regard I
offer this simplified explanation.

Use the "Select Grouped Controls" menu item of the Rev "EDIT" menu or the
"SGC" button of the Rev task bar when you want to make changes to the
*EXISTING* components of a group.  If you want to make changes to a group
Object be sure that the SGC btn is unselected.  Double clicking the group in
that state will invoke the group properties window. You may also edit the
group ( change is size add objects etc. ) by selecting the "Edit Group" btn
of the Rev task bar or the "Edit Gourp" menu item of the "Objects" menu.

I used to make most of these changes using the Edit and Objects menu. Now I
find that using the Rev Task bar really speeds things up.

*Key idea*

The "SGC" button of the Rev Task Bar is the most important tool for working
with groups.  When its "ON" (Hilited) you work with the selected grp's
component objects. When its "Off" (unhilited) you work with the selected grp
as an object. 



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