inserting accented characters

Manuel Companys mcompanys at
Tue Dec 10 03:45:01 EST 2002

Le mardi, 10 déc 2002, à 09:02 Europe/Paris, Signe Marie Sanne a écrit :
> Bernard, I just downloaded Revolution on my Windows 2000, made a 
> standalone and tested the accented letters. Here on my (Norwegian) 
> keyboard  everything works fine. In development mode there's a problem 
> with accent aigu (é), since AltGr + accent key opens the Properties 
> window.
> Kevin, what can be done with this? Both French and Spanish make 
> extensive use of this accent!
The best bet would be to have an ergonomically designed keuboard 
definition. I did this for macOS: a KCHR ressource adapted to the 
national keyboard habits (I did this chiefly for the french azerty, but 
then I could adapt it very easily to other keyborards). This originated 
a new choise with an esperanto flag in the language menu. It made it 
possible to type all the accented characters for almost all the latin 
alphabet languages, using my 1 byute-per-char fonts.

All the esperanto ĉapelitaj were true one ASCI chars (no use of 
0-offset superposition for them); you could type them,  both using the 
circumflex key, as in french, or the option-<char>.

Now, you can have your custumized keyboard map made by Apple. But the 
process is much more boresome and error inducing, than when you could 
do it by yourself!  Who will give us an equivalent of resEdit?


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