Newbie wants to know if one can run two handlers simultaneously

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Dec 8 15:42:01 EST 2002

>>> I'm attempting to make a simple little shootem up game. I have the
>>> basic shoot
>>> button that draws a line from one loc to the loc of  button"enemy"
>>> and plays a
>>> sound effect. What I'd like to do is initiate a handler to move the
>>> button
>>> around the screen(I have that covered) and use the mouseUp handler
>>> from the
>>> shoot btn to stop the first handler from running it shoots, sounds
>>> off and
>>> changes the btn icon. At this point, I have to wait until the first
>>> handler
>>> finishes running before being able to shoot at a motionless target.

>> Sure.  One technique I've used is to give each "sprite" object (button,
>> graphic, whatever) its own behavior script.  Then you bring each
>> sprite to
>> life using "send <myCommand> to btn sprite1".  I've run up to nine
>> sprites
>> simultaneously with barely noticeable slow down on moderately fast
>> machines.

> Send-in-time statements are the best approach now but risk locking out
> mouse events.

I haven't found this is to be the case -- what reproducible problem have you
run up against?

I once created a project that ran around 40 "self-aware" animated sprites
that traveled from the bottom to the top of the screen and reset themselves
autonomously, all while mouse down and up events were captured.  I never
encountered any mouse event problems.

(BTW, the project ran fine on Macs but slowed Windows boxes to a crawl or
even a system error :-)


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