inserting accented characters

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Fri Dec 6 22:39:01 EST 2002

Thanks people for helping me :-)  It is kind of you to
go into such detail with your recommendations.

However, it does look like there is something odd happening with Rev in my
setup.  I have attempted to at least do things the way that Signe does them,
but to no avail.

1. The I beam is in the field.

2. Following the format that Signe has used for Metacard on Win32 does not work
- when I press the 'AltGr' key it opens the Script Editor!  When I try the
'circumflex' key followed by 'a', I just get 'a'.  Ditto with 'shift'+^   - only
'a' appears.

After reading up on the ways in which Mac OS and Win32 provide different
shortcuts to the insertion of 'international' characters, and the strange
discrepancies between my installation of Rev on Win32 and Signe's experience
with Metacard on Win32, I'm going with the palette idea.

As the issues are more generic now, I'm going to re-post with a new topic.  I
have a few problems with this palette idea also,but I think the solutions may be
of wider interest.  The mechanism I am working on may be of interest to other
transcripters (beyond the issue of accented characters).

If I can't solve the issues that have arisen with this design decision, I may
revert to using a user-definable menubutton (popup or pulldown).

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