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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Tue Dec 3 14:13:01 EST 2002

>I am trying to get a script to work and I haven't had much luck.  Here's the
>script any one have any suggestions?
>on mouseUp
>   put the short name of the owner of me into myOwner
>   put the short id of field "fldGrp" of grp myOwner into myID
>   revPrintField ("field" && myID)
>end mouseUp
>I can't see why this doesn't work. My ID contains the proper number w/o
>quotes. What am I doing wrong?  If I type the ID into the script this works
>w/o probs.

Hi Steve,

No solution; but a suggestion:

Have you considered scripting this with a handler in the group script 
instead of the individual control?  Eg:

on mouseUp
    switch (the short name of the target)
      case thisControl
        revPrintField the short id of field "fldGrp" -- Thanks Richard

The logic seems more straightforward to me.

Rob Cozens
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