Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 1 03:16:00 EST 2002

>> Well, November has come and gone. How is it going with Rev 2.0? Not
>> complaining, just curious.
> Yeah I am very curious as well.   Is it just taking longer than
> anticipated to get the bugs out.  I am used to these delays being a
> Nintendo fan but would like to know when we can expect it to come out.
> I am eagerly awaiting its release.  What's
> the hold up?

I'm looking forward to the new features as much as the next person, but I
have so much code of my own to write in the meantime I have to admit it's
not a major urgency for me.  I'm happy they're taking the time needed to
implement a good design solidly.

You folks run out of things to write with v1.1?  :)

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