Time from the text field?

Klaus Major klaus.major at metascape.org
Fri Aug 30 08:42:01 EDT 2002

Hi Esa,

> how I get date from text field? I tried get the date from field 
> "viestit" but it won't work.
> I try to code that when card open its check date from text filed 
> "viestit" and if is not the same as the systemDate program put empty 
> into field "viestit".
> Only thing is that how I get that date from field?
> EsaK

Sean is asleep now, so i will help you out for today ;-)

Try this (will work ;-)

on mouseup ## or whatever
   if offset(the system date, fld "viestit") is 0 then put empty into 
fld "viestit"
end mouseup

offset("what to look for", "where") will be 0 if the string is NOT 
found in "where"
(be it a field of var or whatsoever...)

That's all...


Klaus Major
klaus.major at metascape.org

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