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Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Aug 29 23:11:01 EDT 2002

On Thursday, August 29, 2002, at 01:09 PM, 
Roger.E.Eller at wrote:

> Has anyone used Rev to access the internet from behind a 
> firewall?  What is
> the proper way to pass a firewall username/password combination so the
> firewall will not complain?  I posted this to runrev support, but still
> have not got it to work.

There are several things that might be happening.

If you have firewall client software on your computer, it may be 
asking for a password.  If so, it should be separate from the web 

Most likely though, the web proxy is asking for it.  It might ask 
one of a couple ways.  It might be using HTTP authentication or it 
might be using a web page for authentication.  The first one 
results in a boring popup dialog box with site and realm 
information and fields for the user name and password.  The second 
results in a web page asking for the password.

It may be you are seeing the first.  If the LAN is presumed to be 
secure, it might be using Basic Authentication.  This takes less 
work than other methods.  It essentially means attaching these to 
the headers as "Authorization: Basic goblygook" where the goblygook 
is a scrambling of the name and password.

If that looks like the case, then setting the httpHeaders or a 
related property might work.  (I have not used this and I'm not 
sure which commands it applies to.)  You have to look up the method 
to computer the goblygook, though.

Dar Scott

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