obtain file version info under Windows

Brad Allen BradAllen at mac.com
Mon Aug 26 13:11:01 EDT 2002

I'm working on a Rev stack to inventory software on client computers 
at work and dump the results on an FTP server.  On the Mac side, I 
just generate a report from the Apple System Profiler, but on Windows 
PCs I'm using the DOS "dir /S" command to collect all the filenames 
on each local filesystem. Unfortunately, the "dir" command doesn't 
collect the version information for application files; all I can get 
are filenames, modification dates, and filesizes. I'm trying to get 
the version of files like winword.exe.

>I'd assume it's in the registry, but I'm not sure exactly what you are
>looking to find... can you be a bit more specific?
>Ken Ray
>Sons of Thunder Software
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>>  Obtaining the version of an application file is easy under Mac OS
>>  using Applescript, but how do you obtain file meta-data under
>>  Windows? I've seen another app called NetOctopus obtain this
>>  meta-data about files on Windows systems, so it has to be available
>>  somehow. Is it possible to get this using Rev?
>>  Thanks!
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