Using Windows DLL's and COM objects

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On Monday, August 26, 2002, at 07:37 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> If what you mean by "scalable" is that it will continue to work
> with new versions of Rev, the answer is "yes". If you mean is it 
> flexible enough to call *any* DLL, that would depend on how the 
> external for Rev was written; it is far easier to write an 
> external that acts as an API to a specific Windows DLL than it is 
> to try and write one that will call *any* DLL (a large undertaking 
> because of the structs and custom types needed to be passed as 
> params to DLLs like user32.dll/shell32.dll/etc.).

Some years ago I used LabView quite a bit and I miss it.  It 
included the ability to call DLLs in enough ways that I found it 
useful.  I think an external that can handle a large class of DLL 
calls would be handy.

Dar Scott

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