global variables

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Mon Aug 26 10:18:00 EDT 2002

>One can define local variables that are shared by all handlers in a script
>and whose values persist until the stack is closed.

One last note: although declared locally in one script, local 
variables in a stack script can be read and changed anywhere in the 
stack by providing get and set handlers.  If the stack is a library, 
the variables can be read and changed by handlers in other stacks as 
well.  Example stack script --

local pseudoGlobal

-- stack handlers that use pseudoGlobal internally

on addPG aNumber
   add aNumber to pseudoGlobal
end addPG

on subtractPG  aNumber
   subtract aNumber from pseudoGlobal
end subtractPG

-- stack handlers that allow access to pseudoGlobal outside the stack script

function getPG
   return pseudoGlobal
end getPG

on setPG theValue
   put theValue into pseudoGlobal
end setPG

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