Reports DataPro, Rev, and Blender3D

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Mon Aug 26 05:15:01 EDT 2002

On 25/8/02 10:30 pm, Alan Gayne <alanira9 at> wrote:

> Seems very silly to "re-invent the wheel",espeicially when the Bob Greenberg
> (bob at, the current owner of this product is VERY willing to
> make a deal with RunRev.
> Why not do the deal, make the necessary conversions and offer the RunRev
> Reports product as a "value added" additional product, the profits from
> which could be shared by both RunRev and rpControl LLC.
> Not doing this makes about as much sense as a major league baseball strike.
> Both side lose if they can't make a deal.

Everything that is needed to do a complete reports generator is already
included in Revolution.  Adapting Reports pro would:

Be a significant undertaking because of the huge number of enhancements
between Revolution and HyperCard

Result in a solution that only works on the Mac OS

The amount of work in doing that is going to be greater than writing a
native reports generator with a modern feature set in Revolution.  Such a
feature would then work on all platforms that Revolution supports without
any externals.  That¹s what we're doing.  And it won't be long now.

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