Rev and Databases - getting started

Dan Shafer dan at
Wed Aug 21 15:40:01 EDT 2002

While the docs do a decent job of explaining how to work with a 
Valentina or MySQL database, there is as far as I can tell no help at 
all with getting started on that process. For example, I open the 
Database Manager from the Tools menu and Valentina as the database 
type. Now it wants a host and a database, but nothing in the Help 
tells me anything about either of these two values.

I tried finding info on the Paradgima site about Valentina but unless 
you own a license, it seems hard to get any help there at all.

I'm on OS X and I know I have mySQL installed, too, though I haven't 
yet completely figured out how to use it (I'm studying that now). But 
even assuming I dope it out in the Terminal and/or Python, I still 
have no clue how Database Manager or RR scripts would go about 
providing a host and database name.

I downloaded the DB Examples from the Rev site, but double-clicking 
on the stacks there gets me nowhere. I get DB errors.

Can someone point me in the right direction, more or less?

Dan Shafer
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