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> In fact, from my perspective, I'm reasonably happy with Rev's UI. Room
> for improvement? Absolutely. Actually, Wolfgang has previously pointed
> out several such areas - back when he coined "AppLov". If it were me, I
> would focus in on the AppLov like a hawk. It is the key to examination
> of a project in a holistic manner.
> Another advantageous tool would be a true project overview - you know,
> like a site map. Something which has the capacity to show graphically a
> projects layout and interconnections. Stacks break out into 
> cards, cards
> have colored icons or stripes on them representing groups, and lines
> show interconnections. Double clicking a card opens it for editing, new
> cards could be added, new links drawn, and so on...
> Personally, I don't need that sort of tool, but I can see where 
> it could
> be helpful to folks who are not scripters at heart.

Thanks Troy,
Thats it, now I know thats NOT my english wich produces the confusion.

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