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Wed Aug 21 04:43:01 EDT 2002

Hi Scott,

> Recently, "Klaus Major"  wrote:
>> I just need a nice UI for the kids...
>> I don't think most kids are interested in making music by typing
>> "code" ;-)

i think i used the wrong word.

Of course i have several ideas for the "metaphore" for producing the 

I actually did not mean the UI itself...

I was just thinking that i would need some concepts on how to convert the
user-input to something that can be saved in what format ever.

Response time is extremely important.

As is mentioned before, i consider creating some kind of "musix-box" with
Livestage Pro, means directly in Quicktime...

But there is still time until we start version 2 of our app.

(I hope we will ever finish version 1 ;-)

> A piano keyboard is pretty common for this in both software and hardware
> (toys).
> For entertainment, I would think a sliding control, like a slide 
> trombone,
> would be fun, but perhaps not easy to keep on key.

Kinda digital tin-whistle ;-)

(I remember a real good laugh when a candidate in a game-show had to 
a christmas-tune played by three other candidates on tin-whistles 
simultaniously :-D

> The pipe organ metaphor is also pretty common.  This is still pretty 
> much a
> keyboard with elongated keys (tubes), but it makes for good fun with 
> steam
> coming out of the pipes.
> My favorite is the "beat box", where preprepared sequences are already 
> in
> place, and one simply combines rhythm, melody and musical effects in a 
> cool
> device-looking UI.

That's my favourite, too.

To provide some rhythms and maybe chords, so the kids can play with some

> Regards,
> Scott Rossi


Klaus Major
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