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on 8/20/02 12:51 PM, J. Landman Gay at jacque at wrote:

> This used to happen to me all the time. I finally nailed down the reason
> and now I can't remember exactly what it was. I just spent some time
> trying to reproduce it (but I'm using the latest MC rather than Rev) and
> I can't get it to happen so maybe it was fixed. My vague recollection is
> that it involved setting the style of the window -- i.e., every time you
> change a window from toplevel to modal, and then back again, it would
> shrink. I remember making a test stack that repeatedly changed modality
> (if I remember right) and I was able to get the window to shrink
> entirely out of existence, leaving nothing but a title bar. At any rate,
> it was a bug in the engine. Are you changing the modality of your stack
> window?

I think this is the problem. When the file opens, it opens a splash screen,
then opens the main stack. The main stack opens the palette stack (using the
palette stack "name"), and then goes back to the main stack (both have
default window decorations). This was the only way I could get both the main
stack and the palette to show up.

I did find a work around last night. In the preopenstack of the main stack,
I set the window height of the main stack to the height I wanted (including
the extra space for the menus). Now everything behaves 'as expected;' until
1.5 anyway :)

Thanks for everyone's help!

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