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Mon Aug 19 07:12:00 EDT 2002

>At 12:32 pm +0300 19/8/02, sims wrote:
>>If I set the foregroundColor of a single line in a scrolling List fld
>>to any color, I can no longer click/hilite that line.
>>I would like to be able to differentiate some lines in a scrolling
>>list fld  by using color...any way to do this?
>This works fine here.
>set the forecolor of line 2 of field 1 to "blue"
>After that, I can click the list, and lines hilite as expected.
>How are you setting the color?

I have a small database which I save as a customProp
and then display only one item of that customProp in the
scrolling list fld. That way, I can click on the scrolling list fld
and several flds get populated with the appropriate data from a line
in the customProp.

When I save changes to that customProp I include in the repeat:

   if item 6 of tF is "true" then set the foregroundColor of line 
tLine in fld "urlList" to "Blue"

I have tried foreColor also with no luck. It sets the color just fine but I end
up not being able to click on that line in the scrolling list fld.

Am using Mac  OS 10.1.5


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