HyperCard and Rev [was: Hobbyist License]

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At 4:54 PM -0400 8/18/02, David Glasgow wrote:
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><< -- HC3 was going to use QuickTime movies as its
>native format rather than the proprietary HC file format. But they
>couldn't get anything resembling reasonable performance out of data
>stored in QT formats >>
>So that was the reason, was it?  This is the first time I have heard a
>plausible explanation other than Macromedia threatened to have a blue fit if
>Apple pulled the rug out from under them.  Which explanation rather implies
>that the project was, technically speaking viable.  Didn't a bunch of
>developers get to see HC as a QT layer?

I believe that is true, yes. It was, actually, a brilliant idea. QT 
is perhaps Apple's best technology, period. And they've worked hard 
to make it a viable standard on the Net and across platforms.

There could be some measure of truth to the Macromedia story; I know 
that a lot of Apple's sales are driven by Macromedia. But then 
Macromedia doesn't always do the right thing, either (where, oh 
where, are OS X versions of their apps?).
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