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Sat Aug 17 21:37:01 EDT 2002

Has any one created a reminder system such as one finds in common PIM
programs (Now Calendar, InfoGenie, Entourage calendar etc.)

Would have some "To do" entry window with a timer, that issues a "send in"
timed at 5 minutes would be enough for me... And is saved when the stack is
closed and re-initialized when the stack is opened. Then, while working, if
the note was "past due" it would flash at you to handle or postpone.. Before
I built this myself, I thought someone else may have already invented this

I have integrated so much now into my Rev PIM which developed through the
years from HC to SC to MC to REV...that I run all day with this program has calendar, references stacks, access to contact lists etc. email
integration etc. now I could use a reminder system built in... I could
easily go to some other application but then would lose the flexibility and
link integration with my current system.

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