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Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Sun Aug 18 10:33:01 EDT 2002


> But if I hide the menus, will they still be visible cross-platform?

No, they won't be visible, but I thought the question was about MacOS. You
can make a dupe of the stack for non-MacOS builds, and show (un-hide) the
menu group -- and un-check the "Display in MacOS menubar" option, so that
the stack doesn't resize. It may be possible to do this in a single stack
with the Profiles feature, but I haven't tried that solution yet -- I find
myself making slightly different versions of stacks for different OS builds
(not only appearance issues, but I have also found a few scripting issues
that need alteration as well)-- easier for me than tackling another
unfamiliar aspect of RR.

Hiding the menu group in MacOS is the only way I have found to avoid the
stack/card resizing, which is attempting to do the same thing. RR, if you're
listening, wouldn't automatically setting visible property to false have
been a simpler, solution?

I hope this helps

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