No drag-and-drop in UNIX!!?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 18 03:43:01 EDT 2002

Jim Witte writes:

>> or example, Mac and Windows offer OS-level drag-and-drop support, but I
>> don't believe that's available under X-11
> What!!??  Why on earth not!  D&D has only been around on the Mac for
> what - 5 years at lease, and on windows for at least 3.  And lord knows
> how long Xerox PARC has had it ;-)  What are those X-11 people doing
> over there - shredding biscuits?

Worse: command-line.  :)

While this seems primitive to us, how many of us have craved having a
Message Box in the Finder?

A very different philosophy governs the roots of UNIX, one historically more
interested in the kernal than the window manager.

On the upside, Linus Torvalds declared earlier this year that he feels the
Linux kernel is good enough for now to focus on UI.  Perhaps we have yet to
see the true Linux explosion, when it at last moves from serbers to the

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