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Tony Moller tony.moller at drcs.com
Thu Aug 15 15:24:01 EDT 2002

on 8/15/02 11:12 AM, Dan Shafer at dan at danshafer.com wrote:

>> But as Apple discovered, a $99 scripting tool does not appear to be viable.

I have a basic problem with this statement. Look at all the advanced
software Apple does put out for free, on the basis of making the Mac
platform more usable: iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, iMovie, iDVD, etc. Its apparent
that Apple pours lots of money into these packages, and the only return it
expects is for more folks to buy Macs.

I'm not sure what Apple's real reason for the limbo Hypercard is in, and
since I'm not 'in the know' I'm not about to publicly speculate, but I don't
think limited sales is at the top of that list - although I'm sure its on
the list :) 

As for RR's price, I remember paying $250 for the Hypercard Developer's Kit
(I think that¹s what it was called) when it first came out. So, $299 for the
RR SBE was not a big deal to me, and I categorize myself as a hobbyist.


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