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Rod McCall rodmc at runrev.com
Thu Aug 15 06:53:01 EDT 2002

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I think its time we made some comments. Initially we have had excellent feedback in relation to the usability of Revolution. Indeed many reviews in websites, magazines and elsewhere have commented on this subject. However if you feel there are specific usability or UI issues please contact us (off list) and we will see what we can do. 

The usability of Revolution is something we take very seriously and do expend a large amount of resources, time and effort to ensure that the user experience is of the highest possible standard for as many users as possible. However different user groups may have different needs and where possible we will try to address these issues when they arise.

As regards pricing we do have a student, teacher and under 18's licence which is only $99. While this is not suitable for everyone it does allow those people (in particular students and under 18's) a product which is more in keeping with their probable budgets. Having been a PhD student (in of all things usability) for many years $99 is a fair price and is in keeping with most of our competitors. We do review pricing on a regular basis and have NO plans at this stage to alter any of the current licence prices or to offer a "hobbyist" edition. Again if you have any further suggestions regarding the trade off between features and price please feel free to contact me off list.

In general we would have preferred more positive comments on Wired. However I would suspect the main gripe regarding pricing was directed at the professional $995 licence. For most people who consider pricing an issue the $299 SBE provides the facilities they need at an affordable price. It is my view that Revolution provides excellent value for money when you take into account the time saved when using it to develop any software application. Finally, it should be noted that regardless of the comments on Wired the article has resulted in a substantial amount of site traffic and downloads.

We do take the views of our users seriously, therefore if anyone has any questions regarding the usability or pricing please feel free to contact me off list and myself or the person who handles UI issues will deal with your enquiry.

Many thanks for using Revolution and taking the time to read this email.

Kind regards,


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