: A "simple" slideshow

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This is just a simple guess, but your "wait" command is probably stopping
you from doing anything.  I would make a (hidden) button that goes to the
next card, then use a "send" command in your card script.  Then, if you want
to stop that from happening you can stop any pending commands (just look up
"send" in the transcript dictionary for that stuff) and interrupt the

Hope that helps!


on openCard
send "mouseup" to button "takemetothenextcard" in 2 seconds
end openCard

==hidden button==
on mouseup
visual dissolve
go cd "slide004"
end mouseup

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> Hello everybody and thanks for all those usefull advices you provide
> everyday!:)
> Actually i'm making a very simple slideshow with about 30 cards. Its script
> is divided into those 30 cards in order to avoid the script limitation.
> for example, this script in each card:
> on openCard
> wait for 2 seconds
> visual dissolve
> go cd "slide004"
> end openCard
> (very very very simple isn't it?)
> The problem is that i'd like to be able to stop the slideshow at anytime by
> siply cliking on the screen and it doesn't work. Indeed, the script of each
> card doesn't allow any interruption (a mouseUp on the image for example).
> How could i make it possible? Would a "if" & "then" script work, and which
> one?
> Thanks by advance,
> Best regards
> A. Durand
> (Bonjour spécial à toute la communauté francophone:)
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