Working with Base64 and Mac files

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Thu Aug 15 05:37:00 EDT 2002

Hi-ya all,

I've got a small app working that updates various components of itself, 
using an update sequence file to download the latest bits via HTTP off 
the web.  Works a treat!

I've converted it from FTP to HTTP, which seems fine, however I have had 
some problems with Base64 and Mac files: sometimes they work (Rev and 
Acrobat) sometimes they don't (usually when an Application file).   I'm 
assuming this is because some Mac files have a Resource fork and the 
base64 encode only encodes the data fork, is that correct?

So my question is: how do I encode a Mac file, have it on an HTTP 
Server, then get it back whole and intact?  I looked up 'copyResource' 
etc, but no luck. I was thinking to GZIP it first, then Base64 after... 
will this preserve the Resource Fork?

Anyway other than that I'm amazed! yet again by the power of Rev (I've 
been away for a while).  Back to the vast range of error checking needed 
for the web!


Matt Denton

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