QuickTime Player in Windows

Peter Reid preid at reidit.co.uk
Tue Aug 13 04:15:01 EDT 2002

>HOWEVER, when I spun off the Windows version and tried it
>out on a PC under Win98 there was a big problem:
>when a movie is playing clicking on it pauses
>the movie (normal), but (Windows only) it cannot then be
>clicked on to continue playing (or replay after clicking on
>the 'rewind' button).  This is a BIG BUGGER and I have to
>sort it out rapidly: would be extremely grateful for help,
>input, suggestions and gift-wrapped smoked fish.
>Richmond Mathewson

Which versions are you using of Rev and QuickTime on the PC?  My 
understanding is that the latest version of Rev/QT doesn't support 
the click-to-pause/click-to-continue method.  This is a change from 
an earlier version of Rev/QT which did support this method. I display 
the control bar in my apps so the user can stop/start/rewind QT video 
clips.  Alternatively, I provide a separate, non-overlapping 
graphic/button for stop/start.


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