set player filename (was:use-revolution digest, Vol 1 #597 - 7 msgs)

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Sun Aug 11 20:11:01 EDT 2002

Here's one way:

script of select music folder button:

on mouseup
answer folder "Please select a folder containing audio clips."
   set the defaultfolder to it
   put the files into fld "playList"
end mouseup

script of list playList (playLists' "listBehavior" and "locktext" must 
be set to true):

on mouseup
   put the selectedText of me into audioToPlay
   set the currentTime of player "audioPlayer" to 0
   set the filename of player "audioPlayer" to audioToPlay
   start player "audioPlayer"
end mouseup

-might want to set player "audioPlayer" 's showController to true.

hope this helps,

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