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Sun Aug 11 12:42:01 EDT 2002

I'm beginning work on a personal training program to be built in Rev. 
This program will give the user a host of learning material, ranging 
from specific knowledge available from within the application (such as 
pre-set video clips and textual information) to video captured real-time 
while the user is working with the application. 

Let's say the user works with the application for an hour, during which 
time the app has also been capturing video which shows the user 
following some of the training processes he is learning from the 

The user wants to be able to record all or a portion of this one hour 
session to CD or DVD. 

In the simplest case, the app will simply want to save all the captured 
video without modification, so the user can review it at a later time. 

However, I also want to give the user the ability to save only sections of 
their video, as well as text-based training information available through 
the program, along with user notes, as well as perhaps a few short 
video clips (also available through the app). All of this needs to be 
organized in some way and saved to CD/DVD for later review by the 

So let's say there is a specific card within the app that serves as the 
"playback" card. On this card the user can pull from and organize 
various components, including portions of their video, some text info, 
comments, etc. 


1. What options are there to save this user-created Rev app to 
CD/DVD? Can Rev save it directly or would I need to first save the 
user-created app and then automatically run some type of CD writing 
program (like Toast) that might work in the background? 

2. I'm concerned with the user having to wait too long after their 
session to save their customized app to CD/DVD. In other words, let's 
say they've just had a one hour session with this program. During that 
time this person has been reviewing some of the pre-set info in the 
program as well as grabbing video showing his or her self doing the 
training. They've created their personal "playback" card which contains, 
say, 30 minutes of video and some text info and notes. If they started 
the save process then (i.e. at the end of their one hour session), how 
long might it take to write that info to CD/DVD? For arguments sake, 
let's say I've got one of the faster write drives available on the market, 
as well as a very fast CPU. Let's also say the video is 640x480 and it's 
compressed. Any one have any sense of the time involved here? If it 
takes 10 minutes, I think I can live with that. If it's 30 minutes, that
be a problem. Can anyone imagine a way to be writing portions of the 
video to CD or DVD WHILE the user is still using the Rev app? Do I 
have to wait till they are finished or might it be possible to, for
save video to CD/DVD while it is being captured?  

3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of working with CD versus 
DVD for this application? 

Gosh...I know that's a long message, but I'd appreciate any feedback 
from some of you geniuses out there (and I'm happy to say that I've 
discovered there are quite a few very smart people on this listserve!). 

Richard Miller

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