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> At 1:20 PM -0700 7/15/2002, Wolfgang M. Bereuter wrote:
>> Is there any way to set up a profile (change the fontsize for 
>> windows from
>> 10 to 12) for each object with a script for all cards in the stack?
> You can use the undocumented commands revSetCardProfile (which sets the
> profile of all objects on a card), revSetStackProfile (all objects in a
> stack), or revSetStackFileProfile (all objects in the stacks of a stack
> file). The syntax is:
> revSetCardProfile profileName, stackName -- current card of that stack
> revSetStackProfile profileName, stackName
> revSetStackFileProfile profileName, stackName -- all stacks in 
> same file

G4 700MB Ram
OSX 10.5 and OS 9.1
rev 1.1.1 and 1.5A for OSX abd OS9

Hi Jeanne,
Thanks for that tip. But now all has changed to a bigger thing, 
because setting a new profile to every field by hand would be a 
fast and nice job in comparison with the problem I have with the 
text handling of rev...

As I said before, I have to format single words in hundreds of 
textfields "by hand", because of revs lack of importing styled 
text. And it seems that I have to do this time-eating kind of 
chinese torture again, because I thought: If I do this, then I 
can change the size and style of the textfields with the Profile 
Manager to build a Win distribution with 1 or 2 points bigger 
But this was a fatal overestimation of revs texthandling capability.
Changing the profile of the field does change the body text of 
the field, but not the styled text (headers, single words), wich 
must be formated in browse mode. (Style text in rev is still 
complicated, slow and difficult)

open a textfile
paste text
format (style) single words and phrases
set the body of text to any font (let´s say to Verdana 10)
change to browse mode
set the headline of the text to Verdana 10 bold

make new profile
set the new profile to Verdana 12
change to the new profile
look whats happens:
Body text changes to Verdana 12, but all browse mode formated 
elements remains Verdana 10 - completly untouched from the new 

If a styled word is in the body text the whole line (all words) 
remains untouched from the new profile. This means: every bold, 
italic, colored, word does not change his size, style, or 
whatever format to the new profile...
And! you *can´t* do it by hand, because it does not work.

If this is a bug and not a hidden feature I have lost about 2-3 
weeks and have to waste much more time to style an extra version 
of my programm only to set the bigger textfont for win.

After resovling the problem of crashes with the 1.1.1 engine, 
wich not happened with my same code in 1.1, I still can not 
launch my programm for this new texthandling profile "surprise", 
wich seems *not* "a small thing" you can work around with a bit 
of scripting. Or do you know this kind of scripting..?

Please give me a honest answer:
1.) Will rev ever be an autoring tool..?
2.) Will the rev team add features and features for the 
scripters without fixing the elementary bugs and problems for 
the multimedia authors..?

If all this is my fault, because I did not understood how the 
Profile Manger and the complicated unusual texthandling works, - 
than: SORRY for this inconveniences!
But pls understand, that I m very disappointed now after waiting 
nearly 2 years for better - no - for basic 
authoring/texthandling features!

Finally a personal question: I´v  still recomended rev as a nice 
(authoring) tool to a lot of people - until now.
Do you think I m an complete idiot..?

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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